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Daily Tracking

Track daily victories and setbacks to discover patterns and valuable insights.

Training at Your Own Pace

Gain encouraging insights and practical tips through Lift's comprehensive training and expert Q&A sessions.

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Share Strength and Hope

Find unique support and encouragement by joining with others seeking deeper healing, asking questions and brainstorming challenges together.

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Celebrate Positive Steps

Through daily tracking data, weekly lifestyle inventories, and growth-oriented outcome measurements, Lift helps you explore a wide range of patterns that offer interesting insights in your overall healing progress.

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Finding More Sustainable Healing

Join others around the world seeking deeper levels of healing from depression or anxiety.


Over 90% of people fully using our platforms report these tools helped them move toward longer-term recovery.

What Others Are Saying About Lift

"Depression and anxiety are challenges that don’t stop when they walk out of my office after their session. As a clinician, I really appreciate having Lift as additional support for my clients in between sessions – with a combination of psychoeducation, mindfulness tools, a supportive community and tracking to help them heal faster."
Mental Health Counselor
"This is such a great repository of information and encouragement! The Lift training is general enough in a way that allows it to be adaptable and useful to a whole range of people on the anxiety/depression spectrum. I'm excited to refer patients to it."
Dr. Lybbert
Medical Doctor
"This is a lifeline. I love your short training discussions. They’re concise gems of hope, help, understanding, and knowledge. They can be processed easily and quickly. As I listened to a discussion, I was excited to listen to one or two others to see what I would learn."
"Anxiety and depression are so isolating!! The Lift training is very validating to me – describing what I have felt facing this. I kept thinking, ‘This is my experience! This is what I felt and still feel at times. Someone understands."
"As I review the Lift training, I had this tremendous feeling of hope wash over me. It’s powerful. I like how it presents new ideas about different contributors to depression and anxiety, while emphasizing that we are discovering new stuff every day. But even now, there are things you can do about it!! And there is hope!"
"I’ve felt for so long that when I began to feel depressed or anxious it was like being put into a limousine in one of those spy movies where the doors lock and there is simply NO WAY OUT…You just have to wait till the ride is over. Lift has helped me see that I could do some things within my control to keep me from ‘going on the ride.'"